Going Within

I ditched my camera for a few weeks. I was emotionally exhausted with taking images and wanting approval and validation. I love photography and it’s been genuinely heartbreaking to me that I can’t make some level of living from doing it. I’ve accepted that now. I have questioned myself every single day, questioned my ability and my love of learning the art of photography.

On the most beautiful snowy day here I took my camera out without thinking and wandered on the beach and in the woods taking only a few images and only what I liked, and not what I thought would look good for others. The result was achieving some of my best images. I don’t care if anyone else thinks they’re good.

And that’s a lesson for me. Not doing a thing for approval or a desired result – just for the art and self-fulfilment – is my way forward with this thing that I love, and with all things.

Photography is an art, after all – art shouldn’t be done with the goal of being acceptable or desirable to others. Art is an expression of life, environment and surroundings, experience, values etc. I don’t need to make that saleable or acceptable to others.

Published by Clare L

Photographer. Londoner. BSc. MSc. ARPS. RHS trained Horticulturist gone rogue.

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