International Cat Day

For International Cat Day 2017, here’s an image of Lyra. She is a black long-coated rescue cat who I adopted as a kitten with her littermate, Neo (also black). She is definitely mummy’s girl; she follows me around the house, speaking to me and giving head bumps and rubs. Small or large, cats are the epitome of stunning evolution made manifest in the perfection of a cat.


Twycross Zoo 2017 Pt. II

We had a visit to Twycross Zoo as part of my BSc. Zoology and Film degree course. I have to admit, I slightly fell in love with the Yellow-throated Martens…and of course, the Meerkats. The Bush Dogs are full of character, but don’t look like they care much for humans. They definitely have an attitude! The pelicans were incredibly photogenic on the water.

Twycross Zoo 2017 Pt. I

I don’t agree with most zoos. I don’t agree with the principle of most zoos. Animals are not human entertainment. I hope that some of these images make it clear why animals do not belong in zoos. More to follow.

I’m fully manual on a 60D with a 75-300mm zoom lens in this case. I used the largest aperture I could with auto ISO, and had some nice light. Light always makes the difference.